iPhone 15: brand new Apple handset to be unveiled at launch event - release date and possible features

Apple is preparing to unveil the newest iPhone model, the iPhone15 - and big changes are expected on the handset. (Credit: AFP via Getty Images)
Apple is preparing to unveil the newest iPhone model, the iPhone15 - and big changes are expected on the handset. (Credit: AFP via Getty Images)

It's that time of the year once again - the newest Apple Event is almost upon us and details of the newest products are imminent.

The 'Wonderlust' event has been announced by Apple to take place in mid-September and fans of the tech giant are anticipating an announcement around the new iPhone 15 handset. Apple has kept predictably quiet about the new release, but details could be coming soon.

But what could we expect in the new handset, and when will it be released?

Here's everything you need to know so far

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

As of yet, there is not an exact date for the release of the iPhone 15. The date is expected to be announced during Apple's launch event on 12 September 2023.

The livestreamed event will begin at around 6pm UK time (10am Pacific local time). It will be available to watch live on the apple.com website or in the Apple TV app on your device.

Usually, pre-orders for devices announced at the Apple events begin fairly quickly afterwards, most times within a few days of the announcement. Following the pattern of older announcements, the full release of the handset should happen within a few weeks of the event.

What features will be included on the iPhone 15?

Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about new devices and the new features they have before unveiling it themselves. The full range of features will be announced at the launch event, however there are some rumours swirling about the highly-anticipated tech piece already.

According to reports, the new iPhone 15 Pro range is expected to be available in a range of colours including a navy, deep blue, black and a slate grey style. In addition to this, the handset is expected to include a faster processing chip, a sleek new design and an improved battery life.

Another expected new feature of the upgraded handsets will be the replacement of the famous Lightning charging port with a USB-C port. It comes after the EU enforced rules around technology and electronics to feature a universal USB-C connection as a way to cut down on e-waste - there will be no longer any need for multiple different charging cables as a USB-C connection will be able to charge multiple devices.

The price of the new handset is also expected to be revealed at the Apple event on 12 September.

What else could be announced in the Apple event?

While the headline act of the Apple event is expected to be the iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9 is also expected to be unveiled. The watch is rumoured to have a better battery life, an improved processing chip and new colours and accessories.

Other accessories rumoured to be updated and revealed at the event include a new AirPods product, following the release of Apple's Beats Studio Pro, and a possible new iPad Mini.

Apple recently released details of the new 'Vision Pro' VR headset in June.