Iron Man 3: New poster, trailer and interviews start final countdown to film’s release

Gregory Wakeman
Iron Man 3: New poster, trailer and interviews start final countdown to film’s release
Iron Man 3

'Iron Man 3's' new IMAX poster was posted online this week and even though it combines elements from the previously released posters that we have seen before, it's still an impressive beast, and means that the film's April 25 release date still seems like years away.

In the centre of the image, Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts and Robert Downey Jnr's battered Tony Stark clasp onto each other, as the latter prepares to unleash his iron clad alter ego for battle.

Over Pepper's right shoulder, Iron Man's ally, Don Cheadle's War Machine/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, looks pensively into the distance, as does Guy Pearce's villain, Aldrich Killain. It's strange that they are on the same side, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, the third instalment's primary antagonist, sits above the group looking rather relaxed and foreboding.

In the background, a duo of Iron Men can be seen flying into the air as two helicopters fly towards them and an explosive war seems to be taking place as all of this unfolds. It looks apocalyptic.

It seems as though Iron Man is going to come in for some abuse from his adversaries, and those closest to him are going to need to help their pal by putting themselves in harms way too.

A new mini-trailer for 'Iron Man 3' has also surfaced from the Chinese television maker TCL Corp., and it features Stark protecting Potts from an attack by missile-launching helicopters, as well as a rather ominous voiceover.

"I've got a lot of apologies to make," utters Stark. "I'm so sorry I put you in harm's way. I'm going to find out who did this."

Intrigue has also been increased after Pearce's Aldrich was shown in a montage that includes Starks' friends and allies. So does this mean that he is about to ditch his villainous ways to help defeat The Mandarin?

That would certainly be different that the film's source material, Extremis, where Aldrich is constant foe to Stark and his chums.

Previously, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, said the movie possesses a feeling that "anything can happen" so maybe there are going to be a hoard of twists and turns throughout the movie that will leave us feeling nauseated. In an exhilarated way.

And if that wasn't enough to leave you purring in anticipation, Feige also told the following story about Joss Whedon's reaction to Iron Man 3's conclusion …

"I showed the film to Joss Whedon, who is our writer-director of Avengers, is currently working on Avengers 2, and he saw the finale of this and he goes, now what am I supposed to do now? What I am going to do in Avengers 2?"

I think I just got chills.

'Iron Man 3' will be with us on April 25th.

I'm already counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until it is with us.

Are you excited for 'Iron Man 3'?