Tony Stark vs. Mandarin in epic new Iron Man 3 trailer

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The brand new ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer reveals much more about the superhero sequel plot, and signs off with Tony Stark summoning an army of Iron Men.

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The epic two-and-a-half minute teaser begins with Tony Stark in a post-'Avengers' funk. He’s learnt how to control his rapidly growing collection of Iron Man suits remotely, but is still not prepared when Ben Kingsley’s terrorist mastermind Mandarin attacks his luxurious beachside pad.

Stark’s attempts to protect love interest/business partner Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) will evidently form part of the story arc in ‘Iron Man 3’. At one point he says: “no politics here, just good old fashioned revenge”. What does this mean?

The trailer finishes off with Stark saying: “we do need back-up”. Cue an army of Iron Men and, what could be some 'Hulkbuster' armour.

The angular head and huge shoulders certainly look rather similar to the ‘Hulkbuster’ suit from the comics that Stark built just in case he needed to fight the Incredible Hulk.  Is this a version of it here? 

Whatever it is, we want one.

‘Iron Man 3’ is directed by ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ helmer Shane Black, who is perhaps more famous for writing 'Lethal Weapon' and playing Hawkins in 'Predator'. The film is out in the UK on Thursday 25 April 2013.

Check out the first trailer below.