Isiah Thomas unveils new wrinkle to historic beef with Michael Jordan

The Chicago Bulls have a long, incredible history, and Michael Jordan is at the center of it. He dominated the NBA for an entire decade and was one of the best players in the league for even longer than that. Throughout his tenure with the Bulls, Jordan had plenty of rivals, but none quite like the Isiah Thomas-led Detroit Pistons.

Thomas and Jordan have a history of bad blood that stems from their rivalry on the court. During the 2020 documentary “The Last Dance,” which detailed Jordan’s time with the Bulls, he discussed the rivalry and his dislike for Thomas and the Pistons.

However, Thomas wasn’t as aware of the bad blood as Jordan was. During the ForbesBLK Summit in Atlanta, he said that he learned about it during the documentary. (H/t Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic)

“This beef that we supposedly had, well, I didn’t know anything about it until The Last Dance,” Thomas said.

In addition, Thomas said he’d be willing to talk with Jordan about the beef so long as the conversation remains honest.

“I don’t hate anybody. If the brother came here and sat down today and wanted to have an honest conversation — key word, honest — I’m down for it.”

Years later, the remnants of a rivalry still remain, and unless Jordan is willing to talk and put it aside, it seems as though it will stay that way.

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire