Isla Fisher and Amy Adams get mistaken for each other ALL the time

Look-a-likes... things sometimes get awkward for Amy Adams and Isla Fisher - Credit: AP
Look-a-likes… things sometimes get awkward for Amy Adams and Isla Fisher – Credit: AP

Flamed-haired Hollywood types Isla Fisher and Amy Adams are chums off screen, but have found that people – some of them Lady Gaga – find it hard to tell them apart.

And it’s a wee bit infuriating.

“It happens a lot,” 42-year-old Adams told Yahoo Movies US as the press day for Tom Ford’s movie ‘Nocturnal Animals’, in which they also star with Jake Gyllenhaal, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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“We’re dispelling the myth that we’re the same person,” adds Fisher, 40.

“There are going to be a lot of surprised folks out there. Because I get congratulated a lot on ‘Enchanted’.”

Fisher then mentions one particular star-heavy case of mistaken identity involving U2 frontman star Bono.

“After the Oscars the year [Adams was nominated for] American Hustle, I’m talking to Bono,” Fisher recalled.

“The crowds part and in walks Lady Gaga. And she goes, ‘I just want to say, you were wonderful in ‘American Hustle’. But I don’t want to correct her because Bono’s there. So I just say, ‘Thank you’.”

It’s even got to the point that Fisher and her husband Sacha Baron Cohen photoshop Adams’ head onto their family Christmas cards.

“It’s a running joke inside their family,” Adams explained.

“It said, ‘Season’s Greetings from Amy, Sasha, and the kids’,” Fisher added.

“But what’s amazing is several people didn’t even notice it wasn’t me. Or that my name was written ‘Amy’.”

Cohen even joked about it at a birthday party for Fisher, which Adams came along to.

“He’s [saying], ‘I wanted to date Amy Adams, but she wasn’t available’,” Adams said. “I felt really awkward.”