This 'Israeli journalist arrested' for uncovering a scandal doesn't exist

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Claims have circulated online that an Israeli journalist was arrested by Israel for allegedly revealing that Israeli soldiers' bodies were kept in hospital instead of being returned to their families. However, the journalist, called "Ephraim Mordechai", doesn't exist. The video used as proof of the claim is an official video in which an Israeli army spokesman presents the bodies of the Israeli victims of the October 7 Hamas attack.

If you only have a moment

  • Claims that a well-known Israeli journalist has been arrested have been shared widely online. The man is said to have revealed that the bodies of deceased Israeli soldiers are piling up in hospitals as the government refused to return them to their families. A video alongside this claim shows a man in a mortuary container.

  • But there is no proof that this apparently "famous" journalist exists. There is no trace of him or his byline online.

  • The man in the video is actually an Israeli Defence Forces spokesman named Roni Kaplan. In the video, he is showing Israeli victims of the October 7 Hamas attack. He makes no mention of dead soldiers.

  • There is no indication that an Israeli journalist has been arrested, nor that the bodies of Israeli soldiers have been kept from their families.

The fact-check, in detail

The video shows a man in an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) uniform in a mortuary container. The man is speaking in Spanish to the camera.

Meanwhile, the article from Esajaelina says, "Despite her prominence in the media panorama, not a lot is identified about her private life, which provides to her mystique."

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