It was Robert Downey Jr’s decision to stay silent in 'Avengers: Endgame’s' finale

Gregory Wakeman
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    Fantastic actor who made hundreds of choices in the Tony Stark character that worked every time. A brilliant performance over 11 years and 10 films. To have gone through that kind of journey and never made a false step is absolutely uncanny and a testament to his immense talent, unshakable dedication and unbridled passion for the character and we, the fans, are grateful for every moment. So many that we will never forget.
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    George K Jr
    “He was like, ‘I'm going to lay here, and you can let it unfold with the other characters, but I'm going to barely interact because that feels like a truthful choice to me’.” ... That's part of what makes RDJ's characters so organic. He has no problem tweaking if it doesn't feel right.
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    Remember the scene in the first Avengers when Rogers said Stark wasn't the guy to make the big sacrifice? (which at that time, he wasn't)
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    It was very effective. And if I may add, also kinda gruesome seeing a portion of his body decay on screen, but the point of how devastating wielding the stones needed to be shown to the audience. I do have to admit that when the original source (The Infinity Gauntlet) was published, the writer did not expect for it to be the main inspiration for a film adaptation decades later, which is why characters vanishing and resurrecting life with just a finger snap seems a bit ridiculous. But hey, you work with what you have, and this thing turned into the highest grossing film of all time (it will beat Avatar).
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    Good call. His legacy is set in stone. To many, he will always be Iron Man. It was by far one of the greatest sacrifice in film history.
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    Great end. Sad but justified. They always seem to pitch it just right. And he IS Iron Man.....
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    Two things Hollywood should NEVER EVER do... try to redo Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" and try to redo "Iron Man" sometime in the future with a recast.
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    Didn’t iron man alone fly a nuke up to Ana alien wormhole in the first avengers movie? Yes. He “made his full journey” and “had no where else to go”. But his character was willing to sacrifice himself early on way before the five year break.
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    Perfect conclusion to the infinity stone storyline and for the original characters.
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    Pepper: "Hey..."
    Tony: Hey, Pep..."
    Pepper: "Tony, look at me...We're gonna be okay. You can rest, now."

    Thanks, Robert Downey, Jr. You truly are Iron Man. The MCU will NEVER be the same again. Maybe, We'll get to see an A.I. version of you, starting in Spider-man: Far From Home. You can be the J.A.R.V.I.S. to Peter, Pepper, Happy, and The Avengers (along w/ F.R.I.D.A.Y.) forevermore. Hugs, Man! Can't wait for your next cinematic endeavors.