'I've been so down but I won't let them win!' Charlotte Dawson slams trolls after false accusations

Charlotte Dawson hits back at social media trolls credit:Bang Showbiz
Charlotte Dawson hits back at social media trolls credit:Bang Showbiz

Charlotte Dawson has felt "so down" after trolls made false accusations about her to social services, but she has vowed to "not to let them win".

The 30-year-old star was left horrified when some of her followers called social services on her, accusing her of "mistreating" her son two-year-old son Noah - who she has with Matt Sarsfield - and she now hopes "karma" will catch up with those who deserve it.

Charlotte - who also welcomed baby Jude in July - wrote on Instagram: "Hiii my darlings, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet I just needed a breather and to spend some quality time with my boyos. I’ve had so many messages checking up on me thank you so much for being the best insta fambo, love you all. I’ve been so down but I’m not letting these weirdo freaks win. I’m bloody better than this amd made of stronger stuff, they will get karma for what’s going on I’m sure. can’t wait to find out who you are, anyway enough about that negativeness! took our beautiful Jude out in the balmoral @silvercrossuk pram, so special as it was Noah’s and my mum and dad used to take me out in this pram when I was a baby round fairhaven lake. Now here I am with our second boyo, precious. Not letting anyone pop our baby bubble. (sic)"

Just days before giving birth, the former 'Ex on the Beach' star - who is the daughter of the late comic Les Dawson - cried on camera after a troll spread “terrifying” lies about the welfare of her son.

She said: "I just can't believe this person can get away with making these false accusations and wasting social services' time.

"It's just the thought of having Noah taken off me is absolutely terrifying."

Charlotte labelled her little boy the “happiest little man in the world” and said he has “so much love and happiness around him”, while hinting she had an idea about who made the allegations.