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J.J. Abrams: Star Wars could return to grittier roots

Star Wars director admits he’s on board with certain golden rules…

It looks as though 'Star Wars: Episode VII' could return to the grittier, space-western style of the original trilogy… much to the delight of the fans.

Hinting that 'Episode VII' could see a much grittier and more mysterious galaxy far, far away, it seems that the prolific director has seen some fans comments on how to make the 'Star Wars' saga better.

That's right folks - a video addressed to J.J. Abrams with instructions on how to improve upon the saga's recent failings has been seen by the man himself… and it looks as though he pretty much agrees.

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In an interview with The Times, director J.J. Abrams was asked about the direction he intends to take with 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. And apparently, he agrees with some of the 'golden rules' laid out by fans to make 'Star Wars' great again.

"I would say that [the video conveys] a feeling that we share very much," he said.

But to what extent?

The four rules of the video are as follows: "Rule 1: The setting is the frontier. Rule 2: The future is old. Rule 3: The Force is mysterious. Rule 4: Star Wars isn't cute." And when it comes to the western style and elements of mystery, Abrams entirely agrees.

"I loved how Star Wars had that sense of a world far beyond the borders of what you can see and have been told," he said. "It's one of the things it did so brilliantly."

"If you watch the first movie, you don't actually know exactly what the Empire is trying to do. They're going to rule by fear - but you don't know what their end game is.

"The beauty of that movie was that it was an unfamiliar world, and yet you wanted to see it expand and to see where it went."

But will Abrams and co. be able to recapture the sense of the original trilogy when it comes to 'Episode VII'? With the news that he and Lawrence Kasdan will be taking over writing duties, I can't help thinking it's looking increasingly likely.

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Of course, while Abrams seems keen to distance himself from the more ultra-futuristic, clean-lines of the prequels, he's still reluctant to badmouth their efforts. And it looks as though he may have to tread lightly where fans of the prequels are concerned.

"A lot of kids who saw all the prequels when they were young really do identify with those movies as much as my generation identified with the originals," he said. But let's just hope he doesn't cater to them too much.

Still, it looks as though Abrams and Kasdan are heading in the right direction… and with the main credited writer of 'The Empire Strikes Back' on board, we could end up with something truly special. And if not, the odds of successfully navigating a horde of angry 'Star Wars' fans will be a lot slimmer than 3720 to 1.

What do you think of Abrams' comments? Will he and Kasdan make a great 'Star Wars' movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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