JA Bayona will develop Bryce Dallas Howard's character beyond heels in Jurassic World 2

Mike P Williams

‘Jurassic World’ was one of 2015’s biggest movies, making an incredible $1.6 billion during its cinema run and attracted plenty of attention regarding its lead woman, Bryce Dallas Howard, largely her skill for outrunning a T.rex in high heels.

Claire coaxes a certain T.rex in ‘Jurassic World’ – Credit: Universal

Obviously there’s far more to the film and indeed her character than her shoes. Sequel director JA Bayona has addressed the issue by clarifying that Claire (Dallas Howard) will not be wearing any inappropriate footwear hence forth.

When Bayona spoke to Birth.Movies.Death, he was quick to dismiss the ongoing internet discussion about how (and why) Claire ran in heels. In truth, it’s not exactly a major talking point, but people took pleasure in discussing it nonetheless.

“Claire doesn’t wear high heels in this movie,” Bayona said. While the ‘A Monster Calls’ helmer was understandably tight-lipped over the details of the plot, he did have some tidbits to share: “There will be new dinosaurs,” he teased, and said that “finding that proper balance between what the audience is expecting and new stuff is always a challenge in doing a sequel.”

The heels statement not only puts the frivolous chatter to bed once and for all but also leads us to believe a number of things. Firstly, Claire’s role will be nothing like her uptight managerial one in the first movie. It took long enough to break through her work-orientated mindset for her to worry about her nephews and indeed Chris Pratt’s Owen. Secondly, a lack of heels means she’s probably going to be geared up for more of an adventurous, action orientated role, as she accompanies Owen on whatever epic narrative the follow-up has in store.

Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return for the sequel – Credit: Universal.

With the sequel believed to be set away from the Jurassic World theme park – now presumably overrun by all manner of dinos – and centred on the fate of the stolen embryos at the hands of Dr Wu, chances are we can expect an even bigger action-adventure than the previous instalment.

Having been a fan of the ‘Jurassic’ franchise since the Steven Spielberg original, Bayona appears a good fit to take the rejuvenated series forward. “I remember the first time I saw that first Brachiosaurus, and the huge impact it had on me,” he revealed. And with his passion for the project itself, it seems he’s planning on developing the character of Claire along with it.

‘Jurassic World 2’ begins filming in March, 2017 and is written by the first’s director Colin Trevorrow. The movie’s due in UK cinemas on 8 June, 2018 – almost two weeks before it makes its way to the US.

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