Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer's 'Love Island' spin-off gets mixed reception


Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer’s Love Island spin-off show hasn’t gone down well with viewers at all, with many branding the first episode ‘boring’.

Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island follows the victorious couple of the ITV2 reality show as they try to re-acclimatise to reality – or at least their version of it.

The first episode saw Fincham and Dyer settle into their new flat in London, with the latter launching her own clothing range (yes, definitely their version of reality).

They also had to deal with reports of their relationship being “on the rocks” which, to be fair, was fuelled by a now deleted Instagram post from Dani herself declaring that the two of them had split up.

But none of this was enough to entertain the viewers at home, who were hoping for a little more Love Island-esque drama.

Not even a guest appearance from Dani’s dad Danny could salvage the first episode, despite the EastEnders star trying his very best to embarrassing his daughter by kissing his wife in front of her.

As Dani watched her parents passionately kiss, Danny accurately pointed out that he’d had to watch his daughter do the exact same thing on national television for months on end.

Their much hyped reality show has failed to win viewers over. (ITV Pictures)
Their much hyped reality show has failed to win viewers over. (ITV Pictures)

“I’ve had to watch you tonguing Jack over the last few months!” he said.

There were some viewers who somehow managed to enjoy the show, however, with one particularly impatient viewer tweeting: “I can’t wait another 24 hours for another episode! I loved it!!!”

Following reports of their split, The Mail Online recorded Fincham speaking to his friends in an Essex pub slating his ex and hinting that she’s more interested in publicity than him. Dyer has since announced that the couple are indeed back together.

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