Jack Harlow Enjoys The Freedom Of Acting, Says Hip-Hop Has “Constraints”

Jack Harlow’s forthcoming Hollywood debut in the White Men Can’t Jump reboot is an exciting time for him. The 25-year-old recently stated that he enjoys the freedom of acting compared to the “constraints” of Hip-Hop.

“I tell the truth on the mic, but maybe sometimes I feel some slight constraints in Hip Hop because there’s a tradition to it, and I know I’m a guest in the genre,” the Louisville, Ky. rapper said, via People, during a Monday (May 15) screener for the film. “There’s things that go through your head from time to time. But with acting I feel liberated to some degree — I feel like I could show up and I could be whoever I want to be today. I don’t know, I feel freedom.”

This freedom has the “First Class” rapper ready to take on more roles and not just view acting as a hobby. “Through this film, I was able to gain my confidence as an actor, and to me, this sh*t is not a side quest,” Harlow said. “This isn’t a side mission that I’m taking on just to keep the entertainer thing going and make some extra money.”

“I really got the bug and fell in love with this, and I’m developing a deep passion for the craft of this the same way I had in music,” Jack continued. “I don’t want it to be a side hustle, I want to full-on go after this, and I’m going after it and I’m going to continue to do more.”

White Men Can’t Jump premieres on Hulu on Friday (May 19). The film stars Jack Harlow, Sinqua Walls, Teyana Taylor, Vince Staples, and the late Lance Reddick.

While the GRAMMY nominee revels in catching the acting bug, he hasn’t slowed down on the music tip. Harlow shared his third studio album Jackman. at the end of April. The 10-track LP had no features and the bold claim that he is the “hardest white boy since Eminem” on “They Don’t Love It.”

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