Jackie Earle Haley to join RoboCop?

23 July 2012

Jackie Earle Haley is to join RoboCop, according to reports.

The Watchmen star is rumoured to be playing Maddox, the man who "dispenses the military training to RoboCop" in Jose Padilha's remake, reported Deadline.

Jay Baruchel is apparently in the frame for another lead role.

Joel Kinnaman is already set as the titular character of a policeman who becomes part-machine following mortal injuries, with Hugh Laurie as the villain.

Gary Oldman is on board as the scientist who creates RoboCop, while Samuel L Jackson is charismatic TV mogul Pat Novak, and Abbie Cornish is RoboCop's wife.

Production on RoboCop is expected to begin shortly for a release in summer 2013.

Jackie, who was last seen in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, next stars alongside Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field in Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, where he plays Vice President of the Confederate States of America Alexander H Stephens.

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