Jake Gyllenhaal: Brits should be praised for ability to thrive in the damp

By Laura Harding, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent
The actor filmed much of Spider-Man: Far From Home in the UK.

Jake Gyllenhaal has said British people should be praised for their “ability to thrive” in damp weather.

The actor filmed much of his new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home in the capital and it gave him a renewed appreciation for sunshine.

He told British GQ: “What I learned from being in London is that the sun is a beautiful thing and you should appreciate it more than you know.

“And that living in damp is an extraordinary feat and all Brits should be praised for their ability to thrive, to create the culture that they have, in such a humid environment.”

Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio in the new Marvel film, starring opposite Tom Holland, who reprises the title role.

Of bonding with Holland, the older actor said: “He has a lot of experience in these movies. I didn’t have any experience in a movie this size.

“[Marvel has created] a really specific, particular, really beautiful creative process and so I was overwhelmed in the first couple of weeks.

“[Tom] really did take me under his wing and be like, ‘This is how it is. It’s all good. Don’t freak out. I was like this too.’ And I continue to learn from him.

“He’s an incredible, physical actor and there are so many things that he could do that I could never do. He’s also just so kind, and as you notice from this interview I have not a kind bone in my body.

“So I’m slowly trying to melt my stone-cold heart and learn from him.”