Appeal launched for James Bond fan with terminal cancer to see 'No Time To Die' early

Watch: James Bond fan makes please to see film early

The daughter of a lifelong James Bond fan with terminal cancer has launched an appeal for her father to get a private screening of No Time To Die before he passes away.

The new 007 film — Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond — is slated for a cinema release on 30 September, but has been completed since early 2020 when it was originally due for release.

On 28 May this year James Millar, 57 of Dorset, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after suffering back pain and unexpected weight loss. Unfortunately it had already spread to his liver, lungs, and bones and was too weak for chemotherapy treatment. On 11 June, he was told he had just weeks to live.

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His daughter Remy launched the appeal for a private screening of the new James Bond film with a touching video from his home 'Bond's Cottage', which has 007 memorabilia in nearly every room.

Talking to Yahoo about the appeal, Remy says the response to her video has been 'incredible' so far.

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"The reaction has truly restored my faith in humanity," said Remy, "and proves that good things can come out of the internet. The Bond fandom has been amazing too!"

Cast your mind back to early March. James Bond adventure <em>No Time to Die</em> was the first major blockbuster to delay its release due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nine months later, Daniel Craig’s swansong is currently set to debut as one of the first major blockbusters of 2021. It will see 007 brought out of retirement by the threat of Rami Malek’s mysterious villain Safin. Expect guns, martinis and very, very fast cars. (Credit: Eon/Universal)
Daniel Craig's 007 is brought out of retirement in No Time To Die for one last outing (Credit: Eon/Universal)

Her father doesn't know about the appeal yet in case of disappointment, but she says she was driven to make the video in order to do something proactive during his limited time left.

"Time goes very slowly when you are waiting for death, and there is a feeling of helplessness when there is nothing you can do about it," says Remy. "He is also so tired that he is sleeping most of the day."

James and Remy Millar (Remy Millar)
James and Remy Millar (Remy Millar)

She says her father celebrated his sixth birthday seeing 1969's Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service at the cinema, and has collected Corgi James Bond cars ever since.

"I think what he loves about James Bond, and what everyone else does too, is the incredible, immersive escapism that the franchise provides," Remy explains.

Just a small portion of James' James Bond collection at Bond's Cottage (Remy Millar)
Just a small portion of James' James Bond collection at Bond's Cottage (Remy Millar)

"But at this moment, having the chance to escape his illness for a while and lose himself in a world he's always loved would mean the world to him. For me to be able to give him an amazing experience when everything else means so little would be truly special."

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Tagging the official 007 and Universal Pictures social media accounts in her original appeal, Remy believes the chances of her wishes being fulfilled 'are slim', but hopes someone with the power to make it happen is able to help.

"[I know] how tightly guarded the film is. But I also know that previews and screeners exist, so I thought there is no harm in trying."

Remy says her father's favourite Bond film in Goldfinger (Remy Millar)
Remy says her father's favourite Bond film in Goldfinger (Remy Millar)

Fan campaigns like this have been successful in the past though. In 2015, the family of Star Wars Daniel Fleetwood appealed to Disney to grant him his dying wish to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The entertainment giant responded after a social media campaign was boosted by support from JJ Abrams, Mark Hamill and John Boyega, and Daniel was granted a private screening of the film weeks before its official release. He passed away five days later.

Yahoo has contacted Universal Pictures for a response.

No Time To Die is coming to cinemas on 30 September. Watch a trailer below.