James Corden’s Disgusting Revenge on Gordon Ramsay: Eat a Fish Eye

On The Late Late Show, James Corden got his long-awaited, and disgusting to say the least, revenge on Gordon Ramsay.

Several years ago, Corden was a guest on Ramsay’s show The F Word, where Ramsay promised to treat Corden and his family to a meal at one of his restaurants if Corden ate a fish eye. Corden ate the fish eye, or at least attempted to, but Ramsay never kept his part of the bargain.

Several years ago, Gordon Ramsay made James Corden eat a fish eye on The F Word. (Photo: Fox)

Corden’s parents were on hand to confirm the deal Ramsay made and that he never followed through. Ramsay said he didn’t recall making such a promise, but he knew exactly what was coming when Corden went behind his desk to grab something. Corden reappeared with a small dish with a bowl on it containing a fish eye.

To raucous applause, Ramsay scooped up the fish eye and put it in his mouth. With Corden telling him he didn’t have to actually swallow it, Ramsay threw back a drink of water and attempted to do just that. But the water, along with the fish eye, ended up back on the table.

Watch James Corden’s hilarious ride to the airport with Gordon Ramsay:

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