James Franco and Jason Statham face off in Homefront trailer

Franco's first foray into the action genre.

Jason Statham fronting an action romp is hardly news. James Franco, on the other hand...

As movie choices go, it's almost as odd as him plating his teeth with gold for 'Spring Breakers', but nevertheless, the first trailer for 'Homefront' shows Franco facing off with the UK's leading action hero.

The film has been produced and adapted by – who else? – Sylvester Stallone and presents Franco's first foray into action.

The plot sounds like a mash of every action film ever made – with a dash of 'Taken', a pinch of 'Death Wish' and a, erm, dessert spoon of 'Roadhouse'.

DEA man Phil Broker moves his family to a small town, but when his daughter batters a school bully, he runs into the local drug kingpin.

And from there it's punching ahoy.

Directed by Gary Fleder, helmer of films like 'Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead', this actually looks like it could be rather entertaining.

And the line 'there's a man with a gun trying to get into the house', delivered with such a straight Statham face, is priceless action fare.

Also starring Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder and the ever-brilliant Clancy Brown, it's out in the UK on 29 November.