James Franco Should Go to the Oscars ‘With His D— Out,’ Sharon Osbourne Says

Sharon Osbourne isn’t keeping it zipped when it comes to the accusations against James Franco — and she doesn’t see any reason why Franco should keep it zipped either.

“The Talk” co-host let it fly about “The Disaster Artist” star on Wednesday night, telling TMZ that Franco should not only attend the Oscars this year — he should do so “with his d— out.”

“He’s the best, are you kidding?” Osbourne said when asked about Franco.

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Franco was recently accused of sexually exploitative behavior by five women, including Violet Paley, who said she began a romantic relationship with him in 2016, and that he pressured her into performing oral sex on him while sitting in her car. Franco’s attorney told the Los Angeles Times, which reported the accusations, that Paley’s account was “not accurate.”

Speaking to TMZ, Osbourne was unfazed by the accusations.

“So what? What has he done? He’s done nothing,” Osbourne said. “So what if he got his d— out in his car? Big deal.”

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Asked if Franco should attend the Oscars this year in light of the accusations, Osbourne asserted, “He should go with his d— out.”

It’s probably worth noting that Sharon and her husband Ozzy Osbourne temporarily put their marriage on ice in 2016 amid reports that he had cheated on her. In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, when asked what the secret was to their long-lasting marriage, Ozzy replied, “Don’t get caught with your mistress.”

Watch Sharon Osbourne stump for Franco in the video.

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