James Martin suffers kitchen malfunction on This Morning after accidentally leaving lid off soup blender

Isobel Lewis
·1-min read

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were left in stitches after James Martin suffered a messy kitchen malfunction on This Morning.

The TV chef appeared during Monday’s show (30 November) to teach the viewers at home how to make a winter cauliflower soup with cheese straws.

But while putting all the dish’s ingredients in a blender, Martin incorrectly attached the lid, causing the soup to explode across the studio when he turned the machine on.

Looking embarrassed as Schofield and Willoughby cracked up laughing, Martin then pulled out a pre-made version, explaining: “Just so happens, I've got one underneath here.”

“You’re having a really good day, aren't you,” Willoughby asked the chef, with Martin replying: “This is what happens, when you’re used to doing the Saturday show, you’re used to chilling out at home, you get as much time as you want.

“What I’ve got is I’ve got a director on my ear telling me that I’ve got seven minutes, then I’ve got six minutes, now I’ve got five minutes, now I’ve got one minute apparently.”

Schofield then joked: “Yeah, but look how you’re using those minutes.”

This Morning viewers at home also found the accident to be hilarious, with one viewer tweeting: “So much chaotic energy from James Martin on @thismorning.”

“Rule 101 - Always put the lid on secure James Martin,” another commented.

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