James McAvoy suffers injury during improvised orgy scene in Turn Up the Sun!

James McAvoy injured his knee while filming an improvised orgy scene for his upcoming movie Turn Up the Sun!

The Split actor revealed on the Restless Natives podcast that he hurt his knee while shooting the completely improvised thriller, which follows two couples who arrive at a countryside mansion they booked unknowingly together.

Setting the scene, the Scottish star recalled, "(We) shot the whole film in six days and it's quite dark and sexual... The second last day of filming ended with about nine of us doing an orgy scene. An improvised f**king orgy scene.

"We never actually got to the point where anybody was actually simulating sex. It was just hardcore dancing, everybody is on drugs, we'd all been drinking whisky and it was like loads of kissing, groping and disrobing, getting into a proper MDMA/ecstasy f**king hole."

The Atonement star was holding Spanish actress Almudena Amor upside-down when he was caught off-guard, prompting him to fall to the floor.

"At one point, I'm holding her upside down and we were doing some f**king weird thing and somebody grabs me on the back of the neck and starts biting my neck," he shared. "I just deck it, smash my knee real hard on the ground. I think that's the only time I've ever been injured making a film."

After making that statement, McAvoy realised he had been injured before; he broke his hand punching a door on the set of 2016's Split. His character wears a plaster cast in 2017's Atomic Blonde because director David Leitch agreed to incorporate his injury into the film.

Turn Up The Sun!, directed by Jamie Adams, also stars Lucas Bravo and Aisling Franciosi.