James McAvoy wants a part in Star Wars VII

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James McAvoy wants a part in Star Wars VII
James McAvoy wants a Star Wars VII role

He may be one of the X-Men's most iconic mutants but James McAvoy reveals he'd do anything for a part in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

It's no secret that 'Star Wars' is one of the biggest film franchises in the entire world… and while auditions have already kicked off for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' it looks as though there are still some actors who are keen for a part. Among them is none other than James McAvoy (or Professor X to his pals) and he reveals that he'd do absolutely to appear in the galaxy far, far away.

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In an interview with the Empire Film Podcast, James McAvoy revealed that he's one of the few actors who hasn't auditioned for 'Star Wars'… but he'd certainly be up for it.

"I have not auditioned for Star Wars," he said. "Something is rotten in the state of equity, I'm telling you. No. Although I have just been working with one of the writers of the new series, Simon Kinberg. I slipped him a couple of coffees, felt his bum a wee bit, you know what I mean? "Any chance big man?" So yeah, I've put in the work."

Obviously this rather tongue-in-cheek response shouldn't be taken too seriously… but it looks as though he's definitely keen for the chance to audition. And who wouldn't be? A self-confessed sci-fi and fantasy geek, this would be the icing on James McAvoy's already rather impressive cake. But could 'Star Wars' writer Simon Kinberg put in a good word?

He certainly might after what McAvoy has to say about him…

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"He's in everything," he explained. "He's a great guy. He is so smart thematically and structurally. He just knows how to make these things work. He's a great guy. I had a great time working on X-Men, the first one and the second one with him. Not the first one, but our first one with the new guys… and we got to work even more closely on Days of Future Past."

But will he get to work with Kinberg again on 'Star Wars: Episode VII'?

I'll be honest, I certainly hope so. But with everyone in Hollywood clamouring for a part, it might not be quite so simple. Having said that, I could certainly see him swinging around a lightsaber in a Jedi role… but whether or not he gets the chance is another matter entirely.

Do you think James McAvoy should be given an audition? Would you like to see him appear in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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