James McAvoy's forgotten rom-com is now on Netflix

james mcavoy as max, penelope
James McAvoy's forgotten rom-com is now on NetflixEntertainment One

James McAvoy's long-forgotten rom-com, Penelope, is now available to watch on Netflix.

The 2006 film follows Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci), a heiress born with the nose of a pig after a vengeful witch placed a curse on her family. The only way to break the spell is to find true love, so it's a good job Penelope strikes a bond with Max (McAvoy).

Directed by Mark Palansky, the rom-com boasts a stacked supporting cast including Nick Frost, Catherine O'Hara, Peter Dinklage, Lenny Henry, Richard E Grant and Reese Witherspoon, who also served as a producer.

james mcavoy as max, penelope
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The film received mixed reviews upon its release as well as a modest box office return of $21 million, but fans of Ricci and McAvoy can now watch it on Netflix in the UK.

Penelope isn't the only film featuring McAvoy to become available on Netflix in recent months, as My Son was added to the service back in February. Directed by Christian Carion, the 2021 thriller sees McAvoy play a guilt-ridden father investigating the disappearance of his son.

Also starring Claire Foy, Tom Cullen and Gary Lewis, My Son saw McAvoy work from the outline of a story rather than a script, with the X-Men star having to improvise as he went along.

james mcavoy as max, christina ricci as penelope, penelope
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"James will be doing the detective work of the film in real time, on camera, to create real tension for this thriller," said producer Adam Fogelson in a statement before the film was released. "We like to support bold and innovative storytelling like My Son, and Claire could not be a more spectacular or exciting choice for this film which is certain to thrill audiences."

Whilst some of McAvoy's past projects have been given a new lease of life, the star also has some new projects in the pipeline, including Speak No Evil, Turn Up The Sun! and Control.

Penelope and My Son are available to stream on Netflix.

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