How can James Wan carry the torch for the Fast & Furious franchise?

James Thompson
How can James Wan carry the torch for the Fast & Furious franchise?
James Wan

There's no denying that this year's 'Fast and Furious 6' signalled a franchise reaching its peak in terms of delivering in the name of blockbusters and presenting audiences with breathtaking and tantalising action from start to finish. Now, with Justin Lin departing the series and replaced by known horror aficionado James Wan, a huge task lays in the wake of the incoming man in charge. The question is; how can he inject some further horsepower into the system?

Location, location, location

You only have to look back to this year's 'Fast and Furious 6' to see that location is key to the success of such franchise films. In London, the blockbuster possessed a locale that showed both its visually stunning side and the dark, grime of the backstreets, brilliantly combining for perfectly poised scenarios. This time around, the incoming Wan has the likes of Dubai and a franchise return to Tokyo to his advantage. Used to their full potential, these locations could be the first step in success, the neon-drenched landscapes a perfect backdrop for some truly defining race moments and in Dubai a vast landscape capable of adding a sense of grandure to the occasion.

Add a little friction

With Dom's constant ramblings of how family is of the utmost importance, Wan could mix things up a little bit and introduce a little anarchy into the family dynamic. We've rarely seen the motley crew go to blows in the latter entries of the series so why not throw a spanner in the works and have the crew experience some arguments within the impending assault from Statham's Ian Shaw?

Let Shaw provide plenty of anarchy

In truth we've never quite seen a truly outstanding villain in the franchise, Owen Shaw possibly at a stretch and maybe Johnny Tran, but for the main Dom and his gang have seen relatively little in the way of extreme struggle. With Statham making his bow and with revenge on the agenda it's the perfect opportunity for Wan to unleash a hellacious opponent for Dom and his crew to feel the full wrath of.

Less of the ridiculous, more of the thrilling

We all know the Fast and Furious films have had their fair share of ridiculous moments (just look at the plane runway scene of the last film) but now is the time for these to be part of a bygone era and replaced only by sheer thrills. Wan is a director who can undoubtedly deliver jaw-dropping moments and now is the time for him to bring his own brand of shock and awe to the franchise.

There's plenty of ways in which James Wan can stamp his mark on a franchise that is obviously a tough one to take over and if he mixes things up a little bit then we could have a very different yet appealing seventh instalment into the Fast and Furious franchise.

James is a huge fan of the Fast and Furious films but certainly wouldn't stand a chance in a race against Dominic Toretto. He'd quite happily look after the keys to all the cars, though…

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