James Woods: I may never work again

Actor says he doesn't care if his career is over after political statements on Twitter.

James Woods has said that his politics could cost him his career.

The 'White House Down' star has been vocal over his criticism of the Obama administration in a flurry of tweets on political matters in recent days.

As well as tweeting his own views, he's also begun re-tweeting other politically divisive photos and articles from his account.

“This President is a true abomination,” he wrote in one missive. “To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege.”

In reply to one tweet questioning whether he considers opposing the largely liberal views that abound in the world of Hollywood to be a wise move, he had this exchange:

His words of opposition have, however, earned him 'thousands' more followers.

He also has received support from some of his actor chums too: