Jane Fonda Loves That Boys Of The 60s Fantasised About Barbarella


Jane Fonda may be 77 years young, but the very feisty Oscar-winning actress knows she’ll always be a sex symbol to some people — namely those who were young boys in the late 1960s. And she has zero qualms about it.

In fact, the Grace and Frankie star recently told GQ that she liked the idea of prepubescent boys getting hot to images of her from her 1968 movie, Barbarella. 

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Because she was their first. Because she was their milestone fantasy. Because Barbarella contributed to the onset of many young boys’ puberty, which, one could argue, is a compliment.


Don’t believe it? Hear it from the woman herself: “I like the fact that boys of a certain age of that time had their first fantasies from watching me in that movie. A lot of them told me about it,” she said. “They still do from time to time. And now they’re grown up. I think that’s pretty cool.”

And just when you thought Fonda (who, by the way, still has a figure worthy of envy regardless of her age) couldn’t exercise any more candor than this, she also freely told GQ about having taken peyote.

“It’s pretty wild. You throw up a lot,” she confessed.

Fonda also divulged what she likes about the drug (assuming she doesn’t enjoy the throwing up part), even if peyote is not her favorite illegal substance. “Well, you have visions,” she explained. 


“It’s not my drug of choice; I’ve never had any profound visions, but many of my friends have. You see incredible shapes and colours and patterns, and sometimes you have cosmic breakthroughs. I haven’t." 

(She has, however, ‘had breakthroughs on drugs, although [she] wouldn’t call them cosmic’.)

Jane Fonda, ladies and gentleman! Once an icon, always an icon.

Image credits: AP/Everett Collection

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