Japan’s Embassy Issues Statement About Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Plans

This is getting silly.

It was already silly, to be sure, but now the whole Taylor Swift/NFL/Travis Kelce/Super Bowl thing is truly getting surreal and more than a little off the rails.

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Here’s the latest: Japan’s embassy in Washington, D.C., has released a statement about Swift’s travel plans.

In other words: Because a pop singer has to fly from performing shows in Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch a football game on a relatively short schedule, the Embassy of Japan has something to say — and it includes the requisite Swift song puns.

“The Embassy of Japan in the United States is aware of recent media reports concerning the steps Taylor Swift will need to take to travel from Tokyo after her concert on February 10th to Las Vegas in time to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play in Super Bowl LVIII,” the statement solemnly begins. “Despite the 12-hour flight and 17-hour time difference, the Embassy can confidently Speak Now to say that if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins. We know that many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so we wanted to confirm that anyone concerned can be Fearless in knowing that this talented performer can wow Japanese audiences and still make it to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs when they take the field for the Super Bowl wearing Red.”

Swift’s travel plan has been discussed rather endlessly since the Chiefs won their AFC Championship game on Sunday, assuring their place in the big game.

Perhaps the best explainer came from this viral clip from The West Wing, where the president’s team grappled with a similar Japan-to-U.S. travel schedule.

This week, Swift has also been the focus of right-wing conspiracy theories, with some really believing that her romance with the Chiefs tight end is all a Pentagon psychological operation to inject the singer’s left-of-center politics into the NFL. The conspiracies also include that this season’s football games have been secretly rigged to assure that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl, where Swift will take the field during the halftime show to announce her endorsement of Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

And none of that is even getting into the whole AI deepfake nude images scandal from just last week.

Super Bowl LVIII will be broadcast on CBS and streamed live on Paramount+ starting at 3:30 p.m. PT on Feb. 11.

Who will win the game is anybody’s guess, but it’s a safe bet that, until then, the level of Swift obsession is only going to keep increasing.
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