Jared Leto to return to Joker role in Snyder Cut of 'Justice League'

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Jared Leto will return to the role of the Joker for an appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The star will reprise his Suicide Squad character to take part in the ‘Snyder Cut’ of the 2017 superhero team-up, which is currently shooting extra footage ahead of its HBO Max release next year.

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The actor did not appear in the theatrically released version of Justice League, which was completed by Joss Whedon after Snyder stepped down due to personal reasons.

He will become the first performer to play the Joker in more than one movie.

Jared Leto played the Joker in 'Suicide Squad' in 2015. (Credit: Warner Bros)
Jared Leto played the Joker in 'Suicide Squad' in 2015. (Credit: Warner Bros)

Leto’s involvement was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, which said stars including Ben Affleck, Amber Heard and Ray Fisher are also taking part in the new round of filming.

Fisher is taking part despite his ongoing dispute with Warner Bros over the conduct of Joss Whedon and studio execs on the set of the Justice League reshoots in 2017.

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The highly anticipated ‘Snyder Cut’ will take the form of a four-part miniseries on HBO Max, with the director confirming that territories where the service is unavailable — including the UK — will be able to see the four-hour extravaganza in some form.

Warner Bros revealed they’ve earmarked between $20m (£15m) and $30m (£23m) for the additional photography, though some reports speculate it may be much more.

Jared Leto as the Joker in 2016's 'Suicide Squad'. (Credit: DC/Warner Bros)
Jared Leto as the Joker in 2016's 'Suicide Squad'. (Credit: DC/Warner Bros)

Fans have been clamouring for the release of Snyder’s vision ever since the released film proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment.

The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign on social media picked up steam over many years, before it was finally announced that the director’s take would see the light of day.

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Leto, meanwhile, has been at the centre of a campaign for David Ayer to get the chance to complete his version of Suicide Squad, with the director hinting many Joker scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

Social media has been somewhat divided by the news of Leto’s return, with fans split right down the middle.

Leto was reportedly “distraught” when he heard that Joaquin Phoenix was set to play the Clown Prince of Crime in Joker —and he was likely especially miffed when the star won an Oscar for the performance.

The 48-year-old will now get another chance to refine his unique take on Batman’s most iconic foe.

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Meanwhile, Leto has also joined Sony’s universe of movies adjacent to Spider-Man, playing the titular vampire in Morbius.

The film, which exists in the same world as Venom, was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now scheduled to be released in March 2021.

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