Jared Leto unrecognisable as 120-year-old man in Mr. Nobody

Hollywood chameleon at it again.

Jared Leto is building a reputation for transforming his appearance for movie roles.

The 41-year-old ‘Fight Club’ star revealed his shocking weight loss at the Toronto film festival last week with new film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ - where he plays a transsexual suffering from AIDS.

Now in the new trailer for ‘Mr. Nobody’ we see him in heavy make-up... as a 120-year-old man.

Directed by Jaco Van Dormael, Leto plays Nemo Nobody, a character the film follows from birth all the way until he is the last man to die a natural death. On his deathbed, Nemo reminisces about his life.

Old and new... just two versions of Leto's character in 'Mr Nobody' (Credit: Magnolia Pictures)

Needless to say, Leto clocked up some serious hours in makeup for the role - six and a half hours every day - according to co-star Diane Kruger.

Talking about the role, Leto said: “This film is really challenging because some days I play three different versions of the same person. I play twelve different versions of the same person [throughout the film], everything from a homeless version, another one is 120 years-old, another one is on a space ship in mars.” Sounds exhausting to us.

The film was made back in 2009 but is only now getting a theatrical and online release in the US - hence the new trailer. It's available on DVD in the UK, and will surely get a fresh batch of promotion if Leto, as expected, picks up an Oscar nomination for ‘Dallas Buyers Club'.

Check out his exceedingly trim physique in the film below.

Emaciated... Leto in pics released last year (Copyright: Terry Richardson)