Jason Momoa to appear in Batman vs. Superman?

Ryan Leston
Jason Momoa to appear in Batman vs. Superman?
Jason Momoa in Stargate Atlantis

After rumours that Jason Momoa would appear in 'Batman vs. Superman' it looks as though he's once again linked to the role of Aquaman…

It looks as though 'Batman vs. Superman' is fast becoming a who's who of DC's finest… And while fans begin to speculate that this could be setting up the highly-anticipated 'Justice League' movie, it seems there could be another hero in our midst…

"According to my source, [Jason] Momoa signed the dotted line and joined the 'Batman vs. Superman' cast a couple of months ago," said Batman News. "There's no word yet on who Momoa will be playing, but previous rumours have tied him to Aquaman."

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"I'm labelling this as a rumour for now," they added. "But I feel that this information is accurate based on who I got it from."

Of course, this isn't the first time Momoa has been linked to the upcoming superhero epic. In fact, he was rumoured to be in negotiations to join 'Batman vs. Superman' some months ago. But details of his role remained up for speculation.

"Jason Momoa is in negotiations to join the cast of the untitled Batman-Superman movie," said The Hollywood Reporter. And fan speculation quickly turned towards Aquaman.

And it's not exactly a difficult leap to make.

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After playing Ronon Dex in 'Stargate Atlantis' it's very easy to see him take to the water once more… perhaps as the King of Atlantis himself. He certainly has the physique to adopt the role of a comic book hero. And while there were hints that he may play Doomsday or the Martian Manhunter, I can't help thinking that Aquaman is a bit more fitting.

And if anyone can shrug off Aquaman's poor public image, it's Jason Momoa.

Of course, whether or not he appears in 'Batman vs. Superman' remain to be seen… but with Cyborg also reportedly joining the ranks, this is sounding more and more like a 'Justice League' movie by the day.

Do you think Jason Momoa will appear as Aquaman? Will 'Batman vs. Superman' feature any more DC heroes? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Ryan Leston is a comic book movie geek from Cardiff who can't wait to hear more about the rumoured Justice League movie. His favourite DC film is The Dark Knight and he was hugely impressed with Henry Cavill as Superman. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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