Jason Momoa Confirmed As Aquaman

After plenty of rumours and denials, it looks as though it’s finally official – Jason Momoa will be DC’s Aquaman on the big screen. But does this mean he’ll be appearing in ‘Batman V Superman’ or will we have to wait until the ‘Justice League’ movie?


It’s been on the cards for a long time – Jason Momoa has been linked to the role of Aquaman numerous times, only for the rumours to be met with continuous denials. But while the man himself has remained tight-lipped, it looks as though Warner Bros. has finally decided to lift the lid on the worst-kept secret in Hollywood.

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Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed during a conference call that the 35-year-old actor will be picking up that trident as DC’s Aquaman.

Although Aquaman isn’t exactly the coolest of DC’s superheroes, it looks as though Jason Momoa will be helping Warner Bros. to give his reputation a bit of a boost. After all, he may be the King of Atlantis, but he’s often thought of as a bit of a joke amongst comic book fans.

Of course, Momoa already has plenty of experience under the sea, after appearing as the surly Atlantean, Ronon Dex in the rather awesome ‘Stargate: Atlantis’.

I have to admit, Jason Momoa appearing as Aquaman is a bit of a dream come true for me. I’ve certainly backed the rumours since we first heard he was linked to the role, and he’s long been a personal favourite of mine for the role. After all, DC needs someone to break down that overly-camp image.

Quite how Momoa is going to do that remains to be seen. But I can’t help thinking he’s going to be steering clear of any orange and green spandex.

And with a rather awesome Aquaman in DC’s New 52, I get the feeling we can expect great things from this once derided superhero.

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Picture Credit: WENN

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