Jason Segel Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment

Jason Segel is not afraid of embarrassing himself.

Some of his most famous work has seen him get dumped in the buff, showcase his ‘d**k dancing’ skills and, in his new movie ‘Sex Tape’, accidentally share his 3-hour-long sex tape with his friends and family.

However, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Movies, he revealed his most embarrassing moment in real life – fainting on stage when he was 10-years-old.

Speaking to our host George Lamb, Segel revealed “I fainted during my first school play. Fainted on stage. I was in the middle of it. We were singing as a group in a musical and I must have been 10-years-old. 

“You know when things start to get a little [weird]? The next thing I know I was getting slapped awake.”

Red faces all round.

‘Sex Tape’ is in UK cinemas now.