‘Jealousy And Broken Dreams’ - You’ll Never Look At Toy Story The Same Again

A new instalment in the Honest Trailers series has left us a bit bereft, if we’re honest.

We never realised that 'Toy Story’ was so dark, but now they mention it…

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Taking apart the Pixar classic, it focuses much attention on the jealousy of Woody – he is pretty out of order when it comes to Buzz – and the abandonment issues and existential angst of the toys in Andy’s collection.

“Meet Woody, a neurotic, egotistical control freak… and a delusional, Taiwanese space-man who shoots first and asks questions later,” it explains.

And y'know, they might just have a point there.

Oh, and songwriter Randy Newman comes in for a ribbing too.

Thanks, Honest Trailers. You’ve ruined everything.

Image credit: Pixar