Jean-Claude Van Damme's son arrested for 'holding roommate at knifepoint'

Ben Arnold

Nicholas Van Varenberg, the son of Jean-Claude Van Damme, has been arrested after it was alleged that he had held his roommate at knifepoint.

Police told TMZ that Varenberg was arrested on Sunday in Tempe, Arizona, after they were called to a disturbance at his building.

According to reports, the authorities were called because Varenberg had punched a lift in the building, with police then following a trail of blood to his apartment.

They then spoke to Varenberg and his roommate, finding that Varenberg had injured his hand.

But on leaving the premises, Varenberg’s roommate found the attending officers 20 minutes later, claiming that Varenberg had held him at knifepoint, because he was angry that he’d let the police into the building.

On a search of the apartment, a knife was found, along with some marijuana.

Varenberg was then arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful imprisonment, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was released from custody after posting a $10,000 bond.

Varenberg, 21, is the youngest of action movie star Van Damme’s three children.

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