Jell-O Steak Shouldn't Be Real, But It Is

cutting into a steak
cutting into a steak - Norbertas/Shutterstock

Has TikTok gone too far? While the social media platform has been revolutionary for home cooks to share their recipes, some of the food hacks featured on it seem more designed to illicit both outrage and disgust. No food item has bared the brunt of these culinary than the steak, knocked down from its lofty pedestal. It's been encrusted in Flamin' Hot Cheetos and cooked in a toaster. Someone even sous-vided steak in a hotel toilet. However, the jello steak is really pushing the envelope.

First off, this isn't quite jello steak or even steak-flavored jello. Instead, the TikToker in question has created a blue Jello-encrusted steak instead. The video actually starts off with a rather standard affair. The TikToker broils their piece of steak in hot oil on the stove. However, it can be argued they used far too much oil in this case. As many say, a little goes a long way. From there, the TikToker pours blue Jello powder over the steak before giving it a good shake.

Many of the commenters, as expected, were outraged by the steak. One person wrote, "I am NOT trying this!!" and another commented, "Bro ain't even season the steak he tripping." The TikToker would probably argue the Jello was in fact the seasoning. While we would give them props for their creativity, this actually isn't the first meat steak we've come across.

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Jello Steak Is A Reminder Of This Tradition

jello in a cup
jello in a cup - Ildi Papp/Shutterstock

While they may be few in number, there are actually several brave souls willing to try to create the fabled jello steak. One chef on the Chefclub Network was more than up for the challenge, choosing to marinate their steak in a yellow jello until took mold. However, for those hoping to bite into a steak with the consistency of jello, the actual jello part ended up evaporating as soon as the chef put it on the grill. The resulting steak was reportedly juicy and salty. Meanwhile, a curious home chef questioned if it would be possible to make a dish that combined the best of both jello and steak, but many Redditors discounted its possibility.

However, Jello steak is actually a reminder of a meat gelatin dish that was popular in the 1950s. While not steak necessarily, aspic was a clear jelly made using stock from meat. Unlike the Jello cups of today, it is a savory dish featuring meats, chicken, fish, eggs, and vegetables. What makes it different from the aforementioned Jello steak is that you're not combining a savory and sweet element. However, despite its popularity, aspic also fell out of popularity proving that perhaps gelatin and meat just don't mix.

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