Jena Malone wants to star in another Hunger Games film

Jena Malone wants to return to the franchise credit:Bang Showbiz
Jena Malone wants to return to the franchise credit:Bang Showbiz

Jena Malone would love to make another 'Hunger Games' movie.

The 39-year-old actress played Johanna Mason in three 'Hunger Games' films, and Jena has revealed that she would relish the opportunity to reprise the role.

Asked about the possibility of another 'Hunger Games' movie being made, Jena told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Come on, where's Johanna Mason? I'm like, I'm just waiting."

Jena starred alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Woody Harrelson in the original films.

And the actress would now love to star in a spin-off movie.

Asked about the prospect of making another 'Hunger Games' movie, Jena replied: "I mean, and let's not even do a prequel, let's do an after ... Let's see what happens in the world, you know, ten years later."

Earlier this month, it was announced that 'The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping' will be released in November 2026.

Lionsgate chair Adam Fogelson teased details of the new movie, describing author Suzanne Collins as a "creative north star" for the film franchise.

He said in a statement: "We couldn’t be more fortunate than to be guided and trusted by a collaborator whose talent and imagination are so consistently brilliant.

"We know 'Hunger Games' fans worldwide will be spellbound by where Suzanne has focused this next extraordinary story. 'The Second Quarter Quell' is legendary and looms large over the history of the Games, even into the time of Katniss Everdeen a quarter-century later.

"Like fans around the globe, we are eagerly anticipating this exciting return to Panem."

The announcement was also made via 'The Hunger Games' account on X.

A message read: "Welcome to the Second Quarter Quell.

"The Hunger Games: Sunrise on the Reaping – in theaters November 20, 2026. (sic)"