Jenna Dewan Calls Co-Parenting With Channing Tatum a "Journey"

Jenna Dewan Calls Co-Parenting With Channing Tatum a "Journey"

Jenna Dewan just opened up to Romper about co-parenting her daughter Everly with Channing Tatum, a subject she doesn't often talk about so listen up.

"It's always a journey," she told Romper (who noted that Jenna was "careful with her words"). "It never ends. You just learn as you go and get better at certain things, and for me, Evie will always be my top priority. I just continually put her first. That's how I can manage all hard things."

Jenna also said that it was initially hard for her to be away from Everly when she was with her dad—especially after she welcomed her second child, Callum, with Steve Kazee.

“In the beginning, that was really tough,” she explained. “And it was definitely hard on her in the beginning, too, but she’s gotten into a flow with that a lot more. But she loves Callum. She really adores him.”

Jenna and Steve are currently expecting their second child together, and Jenna fully gushed about him. “He’s so naturally domestic and nurturing, and he’s so loving, and he’s funny, and he’s really… he’s just incredible,” she said. “It’s one of those things where people just have a natural ability for parenting. I’m so excited to see him with a little baby again.”

She added that she's taking her time enjoying this pregnancy, explaining “You don’t race to the end because this is the last time. So there’s a bit of joy and a little sadness. I’m really trying to enjoy it all and not try to just get through the days. I really love being a mom. That’s something I knew my whole life, but I really know it now.”

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