Jennifer Aniston demands Wanderlust topless scene is cut

Cassam Looch

Jennifer Aniston’s latest film ‘Wanderlust’ created headlines when the actress revealed she would go topless onscreen for the first time.

But according to The Wrap (via Reuters), she has had a last minute change of heart - out of consideration for her boyfriend, actor Justin Theroux.

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Aniston met Theroux on the set of the film and they now live together.

The scene was apparently replaced with a tamer version, though in a statement studio Universal said: “The scene was shot a bunch of different ways, and we have the best possible version.”
So not really a denial then.

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The sequence in question features the ex-‘Friends’ star topless in front of TV news cameras. Originally it featured frontal nudity, but the actress will now reportedly be shown from behind, with her chest pixelated on TV screens.

She stars opposite Paul Rudd in the film, about a Manhattan couple who suddenly lose their jobs and start living in a commune.

‘Wanderlust’ is Aniston’s latest attempt to shed her ‘Girl Next Door’ image after she also appeared for provocative scenes in 'Horrible Bosses', where she played a sexually aggressive manager.

Aniston is the most successful member of the ‘Friends’ cast – the one star to forge a successful career in movies. However her goofy shtick has fallen flat at the box office in recent years, which explains her raunchy new direction.

'Wanderlust' is released in the UK on 2 March.