Jennifer Aniston Gave Two Words Of Advice On How To Honor Friends Star Matthew Perry, And Now I'm In Tears

 Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston in Friends.
Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston in Friends.

In the wake of the heartbreaking loss of Friends star Matthew Perry, the cast of the beloved sitcom has been sharing beautiful anecdotes and tributes to their late co-star. This is the case for Jennifer Aniston, who’s Instagram post about her friendship with Perry was enough to get the tears going, and remind audiences about what they loved about the actor. She recently was asked how fans should best honor Perry following the loss, and Aniston’s simple response was perfect and emotionally resonant.

The Morning Show star recently attended the Critics Choice Awards, as she was nominated for her work on the Apple TV+ show. Entertainment Tonight chatted with Aniston on the red carpet, asking her about Perry and how fans should best honor the star’s memory, and the wonderful mark he left on the world. Her short answer was fitting, and definitely rang true, as she said:

Celebrate him.

The notion encapsulates the essence of Perry's vibrant life and the laughter he brought to those around him. Aniston, who has always been known for her eloquence, delivered a powerful sentiment that truly resonates with fans worldwide, who are also mourning the late actor's loss. While Aniston didn’t lay out specifics, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Matthew Perry, and fans have been doing just that. Memorials near filming locations are certainly notable, and many Max subscribers have been rewatching Friends to experience the wonderful comedic body of work Perry had.

Perry mentioned in his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” that he wanted to not only be remembered for Friends, but also what he did to help other people. The actor struggled with addiction throughout his life, and gave back to the programs that helped him throughout the years. Ten years ago, he created the Perry House, a sober-living facility for men in Malibu. The “pay it forward” mindset is also a way to celebrate the actor, in addition to the wonderful creative work he gave to the world.

This sentiment is especially striking coming from Aniston, who was one of the people who knew Perry best. Their bond transcended their work together on the small screen, and Aniston even texted him the morning before he passed. While the actress is in the grieving process herself, the “‘celebrate him” message reminds us that there can still be joy during a time of immeasurable loss. Perry left behind a wonderful legacy, so there is certainly a lot to celebrate.

There are a number of works of Matthew Perry’s available to celebrate in the wake of his passing. Make sure to consult our feature on some of the best movies and TV shows from the “Chandler” actor, to see where you can view his most notable works. You can also read his memoir written shortly before his death, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” which is available to purchase on Amazon.