US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri claims she kept ‘intimate’ diaries of chats with Boris Johnson

Jennifer Arcuri claims she has “intimate” diaries of her conversations with friend Boris Johnson (Picture: Getty Images)

An American businesswoman claims she has “intimate” diaries of her conversations with friend Boris Johnson.

Jennifer Arcuri, 34, said she kept “verbatim” notes of phone calls she had with the Prime Minister back in 2012.

Mr Johnson was accused of having a conflict of interest after he allegedly failed to declare his friendship with Ms Arcuri when he was London Mayor.

In his time in charge of the capital from 2008 and 2016, Ms Arcuri’s businesses were awarded £126,000 in public money, she was recommended for a tech quango job and she travelled with the PM on foreign trade trips.

Mr Johnson has refused to answer questions regarding his friendship with Ms Arcuri (Picture: Getty Images)

Married mum-of-one Ms Arcuri told The Sunday Times: “I have about seven years of diary entries, and it’s been fascinating for me to go back and read what I wrote.

"Because many times he would call me and I would pick up the phone and write down our entire conversation verbatim.

“And let’s be very clear here — I don’t have an ode to Boris Johnson, it’s not like I have a diary about Boris, I have a diary about my life. I have over 50 of them.”

She added she felt ignored by Mr Johnson and wondered what she could possibly “do to make this man acknowledge me?”

She said: “Is it exposing intimate details of my diaries, is it showing screenshots of conversations, I mean, what can I possibly do?”


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She has previously made claims about their relationship.

Mr Johnson has refused to answer questions regarding his friendship with Ms Arcuri and has previously said he did not act inappropriately in his role as London mayor and there was “no interest to declare”.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has not yet decided on whether to investigate the PM criminally for alleged misconduct in public office and has postponed an announcement.