Jennifer Lawrence nearly dies on Mockingjay set

Christopher Morris
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Jennifer Lawrence nearly dies on Mockingjay set
Jennifer Lawrence

COMMENT | It would be a natural reaction to read the headline attached to this article, and feel that it is a bit melodramatic. But in fact this would be completely incorrect. Because due to a freak incident on the set of the third 'Hunger Games' movie, 'Mockingjay: Part I', its starlet Jennifer Lawrence genuinely was nearly killed in an extraordinary incident.

While filming the third 'Hunger Games' movie, the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen nearly choked to death on the fumes emitted by a fog machine while on the set in Atlanta, Georgia. This apparently wasn't a minor incident, an onlooker described the incident as "horrifying", and that is necessitated filming being brought to a complete standstill for some time.

Apparently the problem was caused by a malfunction in the machine, during filming for a scene in which Lawrence leads a rebellion against the Capitol through a tunnel filled with smoke. Not only was Lawrence heard to be in considerable discomfort during this incident, but the density of the fog created by the machine meant that it was impossible for the production team to locate her.

A source close to the incident described the fog machine "spewing so much dense smoke during a tunnel sequence that Jennifer literally disappeared from sight - and everybody panicked." The actress was unable to find her way out of the thick smoke, and began choking and gagging. It was only possible for the crew to ultimately locate her by following her coughs and choking sounds. Meanwhile, the assistant director on the set had called for the machine to be unplugged.

Luckily, the production crew did manage to located Lawrence after a few minutes, and carried her out of the scene where she was heavily hacking and gagging. It was thought that had she spent several more minutes in the thick fog that she quite simply would not have survived.

After being pulled from the scene, it was reported that Lawrence looked extremely shook up, and suffered from nausea for some time afterwards. Shooting was apparently halted for the rest of the day while the star of the 'Hunger Games' series recovered.

Thankfully what could have been an utterly disastrous incident in every sense of the word was ultimately averted, and filming continues in Georgia.

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