Jennifer Lawrence's happy home goes to hell in startling first 'Mother!' trailer

Darren Aronofsky has a great track record with actresses — just ask Ellen Burstyn, who was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for 2000’s Requiem for a Dream, or Natalie Portman, who won that prize for 2010’s Black Swan (not to mention the great work he drew from Rachel Weisz in 2006’s The Fountain and Marisa Tomei in 2008’s The Wrestler). Thus, hopes are high that his upcoming collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence, the strangely titled Mother!, will reap similar rewards — and those expectations will now only grow with the arrival of the film’s debut trailer (watch it above).

That clip hints at what may be Aronofsky’s most intense work to date — a horror movie that, in spirit if not in specifics, recalls the mounting cult-like terror of Rosemary’s Baby. In it, Lawrence seems to be living a happy life with her husband (Javier Bardem), breathing “new life” into his old rural home. However, their domestic tranquility soon shatters, first via Lawrence’s discovery of blood on an entranceway rug, and then by the strange arrival of Ed Harris and his wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, who come to stay with Lawrence and Bardem — much to her consternation, but his approval. What follows appears to be a descent into serious demonic madness, with walls covered in inky muck, light bulbs filling with blood, photographs splitting and catching on fire, dark sexual passions running amok, and Lawrence navigating dank basements where the walls contain something evil.

Suffice it to say, Aronofsky’s Mother! appears to be the sort of big-budget, A-list auteurist horror film that studios rarely produce these days. You can see its startling first promo above, and see the film in theaters on September 15.

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