Jennifer Lopez plays Jennifer Lopez in the weirdest movie trailer of the year so far

 This Is Me...Now: A Love Story.
This Is Me...Now: A Love Story.

The first trailer for Jennifer Lopez's (semi-autobiographical?) musical movie has arrived – and we're not entirely sure what's happening.

Lopez is set to release her new album This Is Me...Now, a sequel to 2002's This Is Me...Then, this February, with a Prime Video-exclusive narrative musical titled This Is Me...Now: A Love Story dropping on the same day. Directed by Dave Meyers and co-written by Ben Affleck, the narrative movie musical is an "ode to Lopez's journey of self-healing and everlasting belief in fairytale endings" (H/T NBC).

The trailer, however, is an unexpectedly epic yet extremely campy big-budget extravaganza that puts J-Lo on the back of a motorcycle, in a hazmat suit, on a basketball court, and in outer space at one point. The trailer cuts from a dance sequence taking place in the middle of a wedding to her sitting on the couch opposite rapper Fat Joe, who is her therapist.

We then cut to an intervention held by her friends in which they sit her down and tell her they think she might be a sex addict. Suddenly, she's in group therapy explaining how she couldn't sleep at night when she was eight years old, and then she's working (and dancing) in a factory. There's also what appears to be a basketball court musical number, a homage to Singing in the Rain, then she's an alien princess of some kind. Yeah.

The cast includes Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Sofia Vergara – and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson for some reason.

This Is Me...Now: A Love Story is set to hit Prime Video on February 16, 2024. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2024 and beyond.