Will Jennifer Love Hewitt Star In I Know What You Did Last Summer Sequel? Here’s The Latest

 Jennifer Love Hewitt screaming in I Know What You Did Last Summer.
Jennifer Love Hewitt screaming in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The horror renaissance has been happening for years now, to the delight of fans. Some of the best horror movies returned to theaters, including titles like Scream and Halloween. It was previously announced that I Know What You Did Last Summer was getting a new sequel, and it was rumored that two stars were going to return. So is Jennifer Love Hewitt actually going to reprise her role as Julie James? Here's the latest from the 9-1-1 actress.

Not much is known about the upcoming horror movie, although the writer of I Know What You Did Last Summer's sequel is a huge fan of the franchise. While it was originally reported that Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt were reprising their roles, there hasn't been any updated. The latter actress was asked by ET about this concept, and she responded coyly by saying:

I can't confirm but I won't deny, how about that?

Honestly, I'll take it. Jennifer Love Hewitt was an excellent scream queen in her pair of I Know What You Did Last Summer, and it's been too long since she returned to the genre. She didn't deny returning for the new sequel, which certainly seems like a good sign.

Horror fans are eager to see the franchise return to the big screen, especially after I Know What You Did Last Summer's TV series, which was available to stream for those with an Amazon Prime subscription. Later in her same interview with ET, Hewitt mused about what her return as Julie might look like, saying:

Well, she’s old. She’s 45, she’s a lot older than she was but still kick ass for sure.

All jokes aside, I'm sure that Jennifer Love Hewitt would kick some ass as Julie James decades after the release of the 1998 sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. But if Jamie Lee Curtis can fight Michael Myers for the Blumhouse Halloween trilogy, what's to stop the Can't Hardly Wait star from following suit?

While she hasn't been in the horror space for years, Hewitt has definitely been keeping busy and flexing her dramatic/thriller muscles for her starring role in 9-1-1.  As such, she could likely jump back into the role as Julie James easily. Hopefully she officially get confirmed for the project sooner rather than later. Who doesn't want to see her and Freddie Prinze Jr. face off against a clawed villain for the third time?

Clearly the development process for the new I Know What You Did Last Summer is ongoing, so fans might have to be patient before getting any concrete news from the studio or its potential stars. That being said, it definitely seems like Hewitt is down to clown. In the meantime, check out the 2024 movie release dates.