Jeremy Clarkson horrified after finding underwear at pub he bought on ex-dogging site

Jeremy Clarkson found some underwear in the grounds of his Cotswolds' pub on a former dogging site.

The former ‘Top Gear’ presenter, 64, recently purchased The Windmill pub near Burford, West Oxfordshire for reportedly almost £1 million, and he was shocked after finding pair of underwear in the grounds of his new establishment, which sits on a spot that was once popular with doggers

Taking to Instagram, Jeremy shared a video where he can be seen holding up a pair of black knickers with a stick before saying: “Tell me you bought a pub on a dogging site without telling me you bought a pub on a dogging site.”

The ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ star previously admitted he was unaware of The Windmills unsavoury history before he bought it.

In his column for The Sunday Times newspaper, he wrote: “So I did a deal and then discovered that there was a famous dogging site in the area.

“Photographs from inside the nearby lavatories showed holes in the cubicle walls, strong pornography on the floor and evidence of enthusiastic consumption of the drugs made at the first pub I’d considered.

“So I went to see West Oxfordshire district council, expecting no help at all, and, blow me down, it was very happy to close the dogging site. So I was in business. My dream would become a reality.”

As well as this grizzly discovery, Jeremy was less than thrilled to find his new boozer was plagued with plenty of other issues, including a loft “full of dead rats”.

‘The Grand Tour’ host penned: “The cellar is too small, the gable end is falling down, the outside decking area is dangerous, the water is unfit for human consumption, the loft is full of dead rats and the lavatories are illegal.”

Recently, Jeremy revealed renovation work on the pub is underway.

In a post to Instagram, he said: “New pub coming along. Only the water, gas, lavatories, staff and electrics to sort and we'll be ready to go.”