Jeremy Clarkson slams fat-shaming: ‘Fatness doesn’t make someone lazy’

Jeremy Clarkson thinks “fatness doesn’t make someone lazy”.

The former ‘Top Gear’ presenter, 64, admitted he is “something of a porker”, but insisted he is not lazy due to the back-breaking work he does on his Diddly Squat farm.

Jeremy has also argued laziness can lead to weight gain, and emphasised he can “think of lots of fat people with a good work ethic” like King Henry VIII.

In his column for The Sunday Times, he wrote: “Lazy people become fat. You may start out looking like Willem Dafoe or one of those heroin chic catwalk models, but if you sit in front of the TV all day, watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ and washing the endless frozen pizzas and crisps down with gallons of full-fat Coca-Cola, you will quickly become a human barrage balloon.

“And soon you will be too enormous to work because you can’t even get out of the front door.”

Jeremy added he enjoyed using social media because it helps him get out of the “puddle of self-inflicted misery” he often finds himself in.

But he conceded seeing others making the most of their time could send him on a “guilt trip”.

He went on: “As I have already explained, I wake sometimes on a Sunday morning in a puddle of self-inflicted misery and when I tune into TikTok to take my mind off the pain, I am assaulted with a never-ending stream of videos featuring people making the most of their weekends.

“They’re out for a bike ride, or they’re growing asparagus and radishes.

“There’s one girl in what I suspect is Milton Keynes who goes into her back garden every day and films herself skipping.

“I want to throttle her because I know I should be in the garden skipping too, or making a little house for the blue tits, or climbing Snowdon, or whatever the Labour Party has called it these days.

“These perfect strangers send me on a guilt trip.”