Jeremy Corbyn agrees with Prince Harry there are 'racial undertones' in Meghan's press coverage

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has defended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (AP)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn agrees with Prince Harry there are “racial undertones” in negative media coverage of Meghan Markle.

The MP for Islington North defended the couple after they were criticised for their decision to step back as senior royals.

Mr Corbyn’s spokeswoman said: “Jeremy has commented in the past in relation to Prince Harry and Meghan, about press intrusion and its impact on people and their families and, to use Prince Harry’s words as well, the ‘racial undertones’ in relation to how the media has approached Meghan.”

The Duke of Sussex cited “racial undertones of comment pieces” when defending his wife in 2016 against critical articles from the media he described as a “wave of abuse and harassment”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex intend to step back their duties and responsibilities as senior members of the Royal Family (AP)

The comment from Mr Corbyn comes after the Queen agreed Harry and Meghan could step back as senior royals and begin a “new life” as an independent family.

Buckingham Palace also confirmed the Sussexes would begin a “transition period” in which they would split their time between the UK and Canada.

It was revealed on Tuesday the duchess did not join the royal summit with the Queen and senior royals by phone and instead relied on her husband to put forward their case.

Meghan was spotted for the first time since the royal crisis began after she was pictured on a seaplane in Vancouver Island on Tuesday evening after flying back there to be reunited with baby Archie last week.

The family plan to spend their time in both the UK and Canada (AP)

It was also revealed on Wednesday that Ms Markle’s father Thomas could testify against her in her legal battle with the Mail on Sunday after High Court documents showed he forms part of the paper’s defence.

The paper and its parent company Associated Newspapers are accused of unlawfully publishing a letter from Meghan to Thomas Markle, but will argue it was justified because there is a “huge and legitimate” public interest in the “personal relationships” of members of the Royal Family.


Thomas Markle could testify against Meghan in Mail on Sunday legal battle

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Legal documents reveal the Mail On Sunday will rely on evidence from Mr Markle, including that he “had a weighty right to tell his version of what had happened between himself and his daughter including the contents of the letter”.

It means should the case go to trial, both Meghan and her father could be called to testify against one another, and the paper’s sister publication the Daily Mail reported Mr Markle would be prepared to face her in court.