Jeremy Strong’s New York apartment hits the market for £1.52 million — with his awards collection on display

Strong’s award collection by his bioenthanol fireplace  (ES composite)
Strong’s award collection by his bioenthanol fireplace (ES composite)

Some celebrity homes attract attention because they are extraordinarily expensive (the £147 million Spelling Mansion, for example). Others because of their unusual features (take Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn’s big cat enclosures), their personalised mod cons (Cher’s temperature-controlled wig room) or striking design (Boy George’s gothic Hampstead mansion).

Jeremy Strong’s simple, understated New York apartment, on sale for £1.52 million ($1,899,000) is none of these things. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is not a celebrity home.

But there is a one clue — which may or may not be deliberate: Strong’s awards collection, conveniently left by the fireplace (energy-efficient bioethanol, of course). It immediately sent the internet puzzling.

The actor’s display includes two Emmy awards, two Screen Actors Guild awards and a Golden Globe —the highlights of a wider awards collection— which are positioned next to the sofa for comfortable viewing. He won three of these for his role as Kendall Roy in Succession.

They are particularly incongruous in the anonymous, window-lined apartment, which otherwise gives little about the owners away.

What can we tell about Strong from his home? Well, there’s a copy of Andrew Tarlow and Anna Dunn’s cookbook, Dinner at the Long Table, on his blue trunk-cum-coffee table, a piece of abstract art by the dining table and a picture of the sea on the wall near his awards.

He seems to like mid-century-style furniture too, which goes nicely with his pared-back, neutral interiors. Despite the cookbook and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, who’s to say if Strong uses his chef’s kitchen. It is spotless: not a bottle of olive oil or salt and pepper shaker in sight.

There is a Danish theatre poster in the living room and Danish children’s books in the bedroom. It was this, along with the partly-concealed children’s names on the cupboard, that eventually helped the internet sleuths identify Strong as the owner of the apartment (his wife is Danish child psychiatrist Emma Wall).

The apartment is centred around the open-plan living area (Zillow)
The apartment is centred around the open-plan living area (Zillow)

Located in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Strong’s loft apartment is set within a 1920s building which was converted into condos in 2009.

It is centred around a large, open-plan living space, with high ceilings, white-washed oak flooring, exposed brick and eight windows offering “amazing light and views”, according to listing agent Joshua Wesoky at Compass.

White-washed oak flooring and neutral decor provides a minimalist backdrop for the actor’s awards collection (Zillow)
White-washed oak flooring and neutral decor provides a minimalist backdrop for the actor’s awards collection (Zillow)

There are three bedrooms: one with built-in storage; one used as a children’s bedroom and another with a spare bed and small writing desk. There is no parking, but, according to the listing, Strong rents an indoor parking space and storage unit across the street for £322 ($400) per month.

Strong shares the apartment with his wife and their three children. They have owned the property since 2019, when they purchased it for £1.306 million ($1.625m).

The main bedroom with built-in storage (Zillow)
The main bedroom with built-in storage (Zillow)

Strong’s real-life apartment is considerably more modest than Kendall Roy’s properties. Last year, the glassy, corporate Manhattan apartment which starred as Kendall’s home in Succession’s third season sold for £28 million ($35m).

Kendall’s new apartment in season four featured “extraordinarily high ceilings” and 3,500 sq ft of outdoor space across three levels, including an enormous 2,100 sq ft roof terrace. It sold in July for £23.3 million ($29m) after more than a year on the market and a £3.2 million ($4m) price cut.

Strong is not the only celebrity who keeps his accolades on display. Jim Carrey’s Brentwood home, which hit the market in February, also had a dedicated awards area, with his previous costumes and own artwork on display elsewhere.

Madness frontman Suggs, whose Tufnell Park home, like Strong’s, is more sedate, featured a framed Time Out cover with the headline: “Camden Madness”.

Consider it a marketing tactic, maybe. Just don’t expect the awards to come included with the property.