Jerry Jones mum on Jason Garrett, but foresees 'making a lot of changes'

After the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday, one question surrounding the team stood out above the rest.

What’s next for head coach Jason Garrett?

Team owner Jerry Jones declined to provide much insight.

“We’ll have several busy days in the days and weeks ahead,” Jones said in his postgame chat with reporters. “I don’t have any comments or thoughts to share with anybody about any pending decisions as to coaches, players, anything within the organization at this time.”

‘Lot of changes’ ahead

When pressed by NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Jones made clear only that no decisions would be made in the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s win over Washington.

“There’s no doors shut tonight,” Jones told Slater. “I can see myself making a lot of changes in a lot of areas. The times call for that.”

Jerry Jones declined to delve into a Jason Garrett timeline, but promised "busy days" ahead. (Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

But nobody paying attention to the Cowboys believes that Jones will do anything but let Garrett walk away when his contract expires next week.

The Cowboys have played 10 years of middling football under Garrett, and this season’s failure to make the playoffs may be the most painful failure yet for Jones, who years for success not seen in Dallas since the team that Jimmy Johnson built.

And Jones himself said he foresees “a lot of changes.”

Those changes clearly remain a matter of when, not if.

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