Jessica Biel reveals dream role

31 July 2012

Jessica Biel has said she would love to play April O'Neil in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

The Hollywood beauty has proved she is an action chick in the new Total Recall remake, and told movie blog she is a huge fan of the show, when asked if she would be up for playing TV news reporter April.

Jessica said: "I dig the Ninja Turtles. I always liked the Ninja Turtles - didn't they already make that movie though?"

When told that Michael Bay is producing the new film and it will be directed by Wrath Of The Titans' Jonathan Liebesman, Jessica sounded even more keen.

She said: "I dig April, she's cool. She wore a yellow suit and she was a redhead. That was a great show, I loved it as a kid so sure! Yeah!"

The original film, based on the hit 1980s cartoon, saw Mutant Turtles Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo - who lived in the New York sewers, loved pizza and were guided by mutant rat mentor Splinter - do battle against the Foot Clan, lead by the evil Shredder, with the help of friend April.

Michael Bay's remake for Paramount has a budget of 100 million dollars and is due to be released in cinemas in December 2013.

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