Jessica Chastain’s Gran Is Adorably Transfixed By Matthew McConaughey


It’s not every day you get to meet A-list Hollywood actors, unless you’re Jessica Chastain’s gran, but it seems meeting Matthew McConaughey left her in aw.

‘The Martian’ star Chastain took to Instagram to share the adorable photo of the time her grandma Marilyn was lucky enough to meet the actor who’s gone under something of an acting renaissance (or McConaissance, as some have branded it) over the past few years.

So when Jessica Chastain’s gran got to meet Matthew McConaughey we get the impression she is a bit of a fan, if her loving gaze is anything to go by. In truth, it’s an adorable image of the two, with the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Oscar-winner obliviously smiling at the camera (as you do) but Jess’s gran giving him the cutest of adoring glances. his way.


Chastain captioned the snap: ‘ Look at the way my grandma’s looking at him! I’ll admit granny, he’s a charming guy.#matthewmcconaughey #loveatfirstsight#tbt #hahahahahaha’ which went out to her 808,000 followers and has almost 30,000 Likes so far.

While the actress shared the photo late last week, it’s unclear when it was taken. The likelihood is that it was snapped when the pair were working on Chris Nolan’s 2014 movie ‘Interstellar’, so seems Chastain’s been sitting on this gem for a couple of years. Either that or their paths crossed recently, which in the case of the Hollywood film industry is entirely possible.

Funnily, Chastain played McConaughey’s daughter in ‘Interstellar’ due to the latter’s space travel and getting stuck in a wormhole. So by that film rationale, that’d make Marilyn Matthew’s mother or mother-in-law? How confusing.

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Picture credit: Instagram, Nicky Nelson/WENN